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The Cyber Crime & Digital Forensics Laboratory (C²DF)

The Cyber Crime & Digital Forensics Laboratory focuses on developing bleeding-edge capability to investigate new forms of cyber crime and effectively analyse new complex technologies.


The laboratory is led by Gareth Davies. Gareth is a member of the HM Government's Digital Forensics Specialists Group. His role is to advise The Home Office, UK Forensic Science Regulator and The Ministry of Justice including UK Criminal Justice System on matters relating to Cyber Crime, Digital Forensics and Digital Evidence. This work has resulted in research publications and involves supporting strategic oversight and leadership for the future of forensics in the United Kingdom.

Research areas include:

  • Complex Cyber Crime Investigations
  • Cyber-physical Systems
  • Pattern of Life Data
  • Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics Systems
  • Smart Home & Consumer IOT
  • Drone Technologies
  • Advanced Hard Disk Repair
  • Physical Data Acquisition Methods
  • Reverse Engineering; Systems, Applications and Malware
  • Cloud Data

Research projects