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Academic team

Academic team

PhD students

  • Jack Whitter-Jones
  • Gethin Dibben
  • Andrew Johnson 
  • Peter Donnelly 
  • Andrea Gelmini 
  • Kim Smith
  • Kirsty Perrett
  • Angela Mison 

  • Prof. Andrew Blyth
  • Clare Johnson - Digital Forensics, Cyber Outreach, Women in Cyber
  • Mr. Anthony Benham – Network Situational Awareness and the Analysis of Covert Channel operation for the purpose of Data Exfiltration, with Counter Measure Deployment, via the application of Behavioural Engines
  • Ms. Konstantinia Charitoudi – Cyber Warfare Operations: Planning and Impact Assessment
  • Ms. Hannah Davies – Network Management and Network Security Return on Investment Decision Support
  • Mr. Mathew Evans – Utilizing the Cloud of CND and Situational Awareness
  • Mr. Rhys Jeffs – Adaptive Self-Organised Networking Across Black Core Networks
  • Mrs. Madina Muktar
  • Dr. Michael Okeke
  • Mr. James Rees – Visualization and Cloud based Unification of Complex Data from Heterogeneous Distributed Network Sources for Situational Awareness
  • Mr. Frode Roarson – Data Unification Correlation System for Forensics
  • Mr Martin Styles – An Analysis of End User Security Behaviours
  • Mr. Oteng Tabona
  • Dr. Olga Angelopoulou
  • Dr. Jan Collie – The Analysis of Forensic Artifacts Generated from USB-Running Virtualizations 
  • Dr. Grigorios Fragkos
  • Dr. Noor Hayati Hashim
  • Dr. Richard Hoad
  • Dr. Charles Iheagwara
  • Dr. Andrew Jones
  • Dr. Chris Meyler
  • Dr. Vivienne Mee
  • Dr. Evangelos Morakis
  • Dr. Michael Pilgermann
  • Dr. Nicholas Pringle – Distributed Processing of Data for Digital Forensics
  • Dr. Huw Read
  • Dr. Stilianos Vidalis
  • Dr. Konstantinos Xynos – Post incident attack feature extraction and analysis
  • Dr Mikhaila Burgess
  • Dr. Theodore Tryfonas
  • Prof. Iain Sutherland