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Welcome to the University of South Wales and its Cyber Security Research Group (CSRG). 

The CSEC2017 JTF describes cybersecurity as: a computing-based discipline involving technology, people, information, and processes to enable assured operations in the context of adversaries. It involves the creation, operation, analysis, and testing of secure computer systems. It is an interdisciplinary area that draws upon the foundational fields of information security and information assurance. 

Cybersecurity has a strong focus upon information systems and information technology that includes aspects of computer science, computer engineering, software engineering and other disciplines, such as law, policy, human factors, ethics and risk management. As such, the CSRG is concerned with the security of data, software, components, connections, systems, humans, organisations and society with emphasis on cross-cutting concepts such as forensic analysis, confidentiality, integrity, availability, risk, adversarial thinking and systems thinking, which is informed by strong relationships with industry, government agencies and academia in the delivery of operationally focused applied cybersecurity research. 

The CSRG is particularly interested in the interplay between situational awareness, computer networks, computer forensics and vulnerability development and the creation of a single integrated approach to computer network defence and computer forensics via the development of tools and techniques that support information sharing. 

This applied research helps inform the development and evolution of undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as providing strong contextual engagement with students that draws on real-life experiences within the field of cybersecurity. 

Contact us

Dr Ian Wilson

Head of Computer Science

J226 Treforest Campus

Pontypridd, CF37 1DL

(01443) 4 83750

Dr Eric Llewellyn

Deputy Head of Computing & Mathematics

J226 Treforest Campus

Pontypridd, CF37 1DL

(01443) 4 83791 / (01633) 4 32448

Amila Perera

Head of the National Cyber Security Academy

Newport Campus

Newport, NP20 2BP

(01633) 4 32514