The Information Security Research Group

The Information Security Research Group has an international reputation in the areas of network security, computer forensics and threat analysis. The group is headed by Professor Andrew Blyth, one the leading researchers in Information Security in the UK.

The group focuses on the issues associated with the design and development of early warning systems that are capable of detecting and responding to a variety of cyber based attacks, and on the issues associated with the field of computer forensics.

We are one of the few universities in the UK that carries out network forensics for the UK government

In particular we are developing technologies such as secure XML, threat assessment methods, vulnerability management, IDS data integration, data mining and data fusion, secure wireless mobile computing applications etc.

The group maintains two specialised research labs – the Network Security Research Lab (NSRL) and the Computer Forensics Research Lab (CFRL).

Our research

The Information Security Research Group undertakes research primarily in the following areas:

  • Network Security, Intrusion Detection and Wireless Security
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Computer Forensics and Digital Evidence Visualisation
  • Threat Assessment and Risk Management